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Diabetic foot syndrome DFS is a lifelong complication of trophische diabetische Fußsyndrom with an impact on the life and mobility of the patient and occurs in active and inactive phases. Trophische diabetische Fußsyndrom bulk of the costs for diabetes is for DFS.

Patient care is carried out in an interdisciplinary manner where revascularization plays a specific role in amputation prevention, whereas provision of protective footwear and chiropody is essential to prevent transition from inactive to active phases.

Reduction in trophische diabetische Fußsyndrom sensations and pain perception lead to behavior that is counterproductive to maintenance of health. Communication and measures applied must be oriented to this aspect. Morbach geben an, dass kein Interessenkonflikt besteht. Authors Authors and affiliations D. Hochlenert Email author Trophische diabetische Fußsyndrom. Einhaltung ethischer Richtlinien Interessenkonflikt. Dieser Beitrag beinhaltet keine Studien an Menschen oder Tieren.

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Differentiating neuro-osteoarthropathy from osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot. Curr Diabetes Rep 4: Diabet Foot Ankle 2. Diabet Foot J Hochlenert 1 Email author G. Engels 2 3 G. Cite article How to cite? Cookies We use cookies to improve your experience with our site.

Das diabetische Fußsyndrom (DFS) ist eine lebenslange Komplikation des Diabetes, die Leben und Mobilität des Patienten bedroht sowie in inaktiven und aktiven Phasen.

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