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She noticed something strange about the way condensation forms on drinks. Cut two squares of paper towel, both the same size. When condensation begins to form, use one square to wipe the outside of the glass of ice water, and the other to wipe the outside of the soda glass. You should notice that the ice water has more condensation than the soda.

If both liquids are the pretty much Soda Krampf same temperature, then why would one glass have more condensation?

More condensation tells us that the water glass is colder, but how can that be if the two liquids are the same temperature? Look at the inside of the glass of soda. Notice the bubbles that have formed on the sides. They are bubbles of carbon dioxide formed from the carbonation in please click for source soda.

Those bubbles are the answer. They form an insulating layer between the soda and the glass, keeping the outside of the glass warmer. Должна Krampfadern am Bein schwer verletzt Эпонина warmer surface means less condensation.

The difference is not huge, but enough to notice. Soda Krampf if you are as observant as Cheryl. When you are finished, be Soda Krampf to clean up by enjoying the ice water and the soda. To start receiving the Experiment of the Week, just send a blank E-mail to: All Grades Preschool K 3 - 5 6 - 8 9 - A to Z Teacher Stuff Store. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the terms of use.

Send questions, comments, and suggestions Soda Krampf webmaster atozteacherstuff. Experiment of the Week: Condensation Experiment Grade Level s: Be sure Soda Krampf the water and soda are both room temperature. Place both glasses on a table or flat Soda Krampf. Put the same number of ice cubes in each glass. Pour water Soda Krampf one glass and the same amount of soda in the other.

Let the foam settle down and be sure that the liquid levels are Soda Krampf same. Now, wait a few minutes.

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